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Cloud first, mobile first strategy is driving the digital transformation of businesses in India and across the world, impacting their cyber risk profile and posture.

The advent of social media, smart phones and tablets has resulted in easy and affordability access to the internet, leading to an increasing ratio of the world’s population having a digital presence without an appropriate understanding of their risk exposure to data breaches and hacks. Governments and organisations are facing ever-growing need to protect confidential information collected from the citizens and ensure that the stored information is not stolen or modified by malicious attackers.

Technologies such as cloud, big data, analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the internet of things, promise to open a world of unparalleled growth opportunities along with rise on the risk of confidential data being maliciously collected, stored, and disseminated. Most human resource agencies will confirm the shortage of skilled and qualified cybersecurity professionals, to defend against the ever-morphing security threats. 

Thus, there is a clear and immediate need to address this gap in skills and enable our PES students and PES faculty to be at the forefront of Security and IoT technology and equip them with necessary knowledge and skillset.


Hence, PES University has fully funded and created the Centre for Information Security, Digital Forensics and Cyber Resilience (C-ISFCR) to squarely address the mentioned issues.


Goals and Objectives

Cyber Security and Computer Security are other common terms used interchangeably with Information Security

Information security has both a theoretical component and a strong practical aspect.

  • C-ISFCR aims to provide students and faculty with a clear understanding of the relevant theoretical concepts coupled with the necessary facilities to test and understand the practical aspects of information security in existing and emerging areas.

  • C-ISFCR will develop collaboration with leading global Universities, Industries, Standards bodies,  and Regulatory /Compliance Organisations to avoid obsolescence.

  • C-ISFCR aims to be a leader in Industry consultancy / partnership driven by fountain of academic research and rigor.



Student Projects
Hackathons and Workshops/Seminars
Executive Education and Training
Academia/Industry Collaborations and Partnerships
Information Security Testing Services

ISFCR - The Journey So Far

2000+ Student Community

Non-cumulative Count

18 Faculty Members

Non-cumulative Count

23 Courses

Cumulative count. B.Tech + M.Tech

Publications - ISFCR Journey So Far

44 Research Publications

Cumulative count. B.Tech + M.Tech

111 Projects

Cumulative count. B.Tech + M.Tech

61 Summer projects during 2020

5 PhD Scholars

1 PhD Holder




12 Industry Collaborations

15 Internships

Cumulative count

45 Professionals

trained under Executive Education by ISFCR

6 Hackathons

300+ Participants

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